Indefinite game
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Indefinite game

Steady as She Goes

If you're happy with your weight get involved with this challenge to hold yourself accountable for your health.

payment £100 pledge close5 strikes people_alt 3 players emoji_people £0 won so far!

How to play



Pledge £100 (5 strikes x £20) to the game to keep you accountable.



Look after your weight and keep it constant (1% threshold) to pace others out the game.



Win a share of other players' forfeits each week and keep any money you don't forfeit!

How to weigh in



You will need a smartphone, digital scales, and some cash to wager!

Your weight will only be visible to referees validating your score and yourself. Optionally, scores are visible to other team members on the 'Team Graph', if you enable this in your profile.

Your score photos will only be shown to those who need to validate them. This includes the game initiator, BetYourselfBetter admins, or may be anonymously shared with any other member of the BetYourselfBetter community who has been selected by us to verify scores.

Your card is charged once when you start the game for £20 then you will only be charged again if you forfeit (miss your weighin target) except for your final forfeit, at which point you are out of the game.
This means you will only be charged to the maximum of £100, the amount that you pledged at the start, although you can buy additional strikes once the game ends at the forfeit cost, £20.

At the end of each player's period their forfeited cash will be shared equally amongst players that are still competing, minus BetYourselfBetter's charge.
You may withdraw any winnings you have in the game should you fail out of the game, at the end of the game, or after an extended period of time in the game (subject to conditions) should you have more than £10 available.

We prevent cheating by conducting periodic performance audits. What this means is that you may be asked to record and send a video or join a video call of your weighin (or a screen recording for Activity games) that includes a one-time passcode for us to comprehensively check.
We may also require confirmation of your scales' calibration by evidence of you weighin a fixed-weight object (eg, 2L bottle of water).
This process ensures games can be run fairly and hopefully minimises the stress in normal score-taking periods.


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