Stake cash on achieving your goals and win cash from those who don't!

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Weigh In

Take a bet with a group of friends or colleagues, that you'll lose or maintain your weight going forward, provided they agree to do the same.


Take a bet with a group of friends or colleagues, that you'll do a certain amount of activity, provided they agree to do the same.


Take a bet with a group of friends or colleagues, that you'll attend a certain percentage of available classes/session (gym, running, meditation, boot camp etc.), provided they agree to do the same.

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Why it works

It's all about enhancing self-control!

Self-control strategies are cognitive and behavioral skills used by individuals to maintain self-motivation and achieve personal goals. Initially the skills may be learned from a therapist, text, or self-help book. However, the individual is responsible for using these skills in real-life situations to produce the desired changes.
There are many varieties of self-control strategies. Other terms for self-control strategies are behavioral self-control training, cognitive self-regulation, and self-management techniques. In recent years, the term "self-management" has replaced "self-control," because self-control implies changing behavior through sheer willpower. Self-management, on the other hand, involves becoming aware of the natural processes that affect a particular behavior and consciously altering those processes, resulting in the desired behavior change.



Goals Achieved



Happy Clients



Mail Conversations



Photos Taken


Personal Motivation

Choice of activities
Competition – make it fun/ a game
Tailored to ‘motivation type’ of the individual

Personal Ability

Qualified through ‘Self-Efficacy’
Benchmarked and assessed through NHS guidance

Social Motivation

Build a support network of like-minded players
Social Networking

Social Ability

Peers provide encouragement Groups foster accountability
Shared experiences

Structural Motivation

Incentives which mean something to the individual
Natural market forces - ‘Exchange’ based involvement

Structural Ability

Corporate social responsibility led initiatives
Leverage the power of data

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